I have always been a huge flirt, and wouldn't change it even if I could.
I flirt with everything that moves.
In college, I was just being friendly and polite and wanting to have friendly interactions with other guys.
That all changed when I lost my "thing."
I feel the most alive when I am free to express my inner seductress.
I am very good at being charming and easily gather male "fans".
I am confident in my looks, comfortable wearing as little as possible, "legal".
I do target guys that might not be used to getting attention from girls.
The ones who are standing off on the outer perimeter of most.
Never do I approach a guy sitting at the bar or alone at a table.
I would start the conversation with something like,"great band, don't you think?" - "Are you here alone?"
Then mention something about his looks. His haircut, beard, shirt he is wearing.
Right away they think they've found their soulmate.
If they seem to be too creepy, I am used to handling those situations and drift away to another.
Touching their arm or a graze of his hand more then once helps.
Moment of truth! At this point he better make his move. "Can I buy you a drink?" or "Do you want to dance?"
Any request he might ask me, so I know he is interested. If he doesn't ask for something, I'll move on.

Now that I know he is on the same page as I, the excitement really starts to build.
How will he react when I explain to him, "I'm here with my boyfriend and he likes to share me with other guys."
Then tell him,"I get to do both of you naked, while videoing all the action."

We all go from the bar to the motel, where my BF splits the room rent.
For the 'discretion' of all I have edited the video to avoid face shots.

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