My wife, Pamela with Nick.

OK. So Nick wasn't our best choice for our first adventure into swinging.
Pam did her best. She just couldn't get Nick off.

It all started with Nick and I kidding and joking around with Pam about her sex life
before we got married. She claimed to be a 'wall flower' in college. Kept to her studies
and didn't party with the ohers. One thing led to another and it was Pam who dared Nick,
"You show me what you got and I'll show you mine."

Standing just the the left of the couch, Pam peeled off her jeans and waited for Nick.
Nick wiggled out of his pants and shorts till both were around his ankles.
Pam took the couple of steps, to center herself dead infront of Rick.
Her hands moved to her hips and slid under the band of her panties.
No one spoke as she pressed her hands down along her thighs taking her panties with them.
"Now what? Nick asked. I replied to his question, "Pam is going to sit next to you."

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