Wife goes bareback with serial lovers.

Yes. She enjoys a group of selected lovers. She makes me giggle, when she takes out her 'little black book'.
From her address book she will select one or more swingers for her Saturday night love feast.
As she flips through the pages, she reads out loud the comments and rating she has under each name.
She also has a list of newbee's she has yet to sample.
It isn't un-like her to double down by inviting one from each list.

The guy in this video is the newbee. He was invited to show up at 7:30.
Paul is one of her steadies that will arrive about 9:. If Mr Newbee works out, he'll stay and play along.
No matter what list she invites from, she makes it very clear, "I want my pussy fucked and filled with hot cum."


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