Sex with my husbands male friend.

My husband has a friend who stays with us when he's in town. After dinner, the three of us stay up late watching TV. Last time he was here my husband had me go without my bra and no panties while his friend sat across from us. I was uncomfortable with that at first. His friend's eyes were all over me and I knew he could tell I didn't have any underwear on. I expect my husband might have even told him, while I was out of the room.

The next morning I complained to my husband but he didn't care and insisted I remain braless and panty less when his friend visited. Then he even went father, "The next time he was going to make me wear a low cut blouse and mini skirt." I knew he was serious.

Upon his friend's next visit, at the dinner table, my husband started telling him I was good in bed and loved having oral sex. That embarrassed me and I said stop it. I was allowed to change the subject.

After dinner, the guys went into the front room while I cleared the table. Then as I have always done, I went upstairs to change out of my sweatshirt and jeans. There, laid out on the bed was a spaghetti strap blouse and my black mini skirt. The skirt he bought me last summer for a party we attended. Besides being thigh high short, it had an exposed zipper detail from the hem to my waist on the left side.

To avoid any more conflict, I would wear what he had laid out and a pair of nylons with my flats. The TV time went along as normal. Yes, there were some comments made about my outfit, but nothing rude or vulgar. I did object a bit when my husband, raised the zipper half way up the side of my thigh. He stopped at that point and that was OK.

About one, we turned off the TV and went to bed. His friend to our guest room. My husband and I to our room. For the next couple of hours, my husband tried to convince me, to allow him to bring his friend into our bed. It was getting very late and I was tired. He just wouldn't give up and was obsessed with the idea. I gave in and said, "OK but I am doing this for you. Don't expect me to enjoy it or get off on him." He stood up and walked to the bedroom door. "Get naked and I'll be right back. Leave the nylons, they make you look sexy," he said as he opened the door.

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In the morning, my husband slept in. His friend had to leave early and I happen to be up before he had to leave.
We said our "good-byes" at the door. With a kiss on his cheek I told him, " I am looking forward to your next visit."
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