I am ready to 'go all the way'.

We read some where that a good place to find other swingers was online.
So together we found some swinger's site and spent a great deal of time chatting with different guys.
After chatting for some time we decided to meet some of them over drinks. This allowed us to meet and greet these people without having the pressure to having to sleep with them first.
After we got to know a few of them, we decided to invite one over into our bedroom.
The night was short but OK for our first time. I was pleased Bill didn't show any signs of jealousy.
He even got aroused. After Thomas left and he returned to our bedroom, he took me like a wild animal.

A week later, he suggested we 'do the same' on the up coming Saturday night. I agreed but added, "I want to go back on the pill."
With out coming right out and telling him, he understood, I want to get fucked by a stranger.

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