Married and just getting into swinging.

We reached out to single females, couples and males.
Wife sharing blog

Our very first reply worked out well. We met him at the bar near to our apartment.
The conversation between him and Terri went well. Matter of fact, some of the items she mentioned even surprised me.
She told him straight out what she wanted. How she wanted it and that I would video all of it.
Roger agreed to everything she suggested.
I watched as her hand moved over his stopping on his wrist. Her fingers curved around it, making a firm grip.
Then she guided his arm under the table. Turning her body slightly towards his hand, she parted her knees and his hand disappeared under the short skirt.
Releasing his wrist, her hand moved to the bulge in his pants. Her head turned back towards me. "Oh yes!" is all she needed to say.

Knowing she wasn't wearing panties, I waited and watched in silence for a bit. Then I invited him to follow us back to our apartment.

Now, with Roger's permission, we are posting this video in the expection of locating others.

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