Pizza & Sex every Friday night.

Over the years my husband and I have evolved into a swinging relationship.
To be honest, it was at my suggestion, to invite the neighbor couple to a night of drinks and sex. Ginny wasn't as eager as her husband Brad but she went along with the idea after we got her tipsy.
The first night just lead to some heavy petting. A week latter Ginny arrived half stoned on some weed. After a couple of rounds of beers, I took Brad by the hand a lead him off to our bedroom. Ginny allowed my husband to repeat what he did with her the week before. Heavy petting with her blouse and bra off.
In search for other's we joined a social/sexual group. Taking part with in that couples only group meant, I would leave the socializing room with the male half of a couple, while my husband socialized with his partner. Needless to say, that wasn't very fulfilling for either of us.
We now go to the club weekday parties. They allow singles at those events. There, I kind of work on the males in the group sex room. With my bottle of Lubriderm, I am the "fluffer". Keeping the guys hard and ready to fuck the other women. Before leaving the party early, I collect the names and contact information of potential sex studs.
Every Friday night my husband invites one or more guys, to meet with us for a 'Pizza & Sex' party. He enjoys watching while I have the exclusive attention of our male guest.

I should mention, he does video all my encounters, no matter what room we are in.

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