Sorcha takes two back to our room.

My Girl had been hinting around about being with a black man, but I thought she was joking.
That all changed at this party.
During the party she brought the idea up again. I expect because the party was open to singles and with in the group there were a few young black guys.
I questioned her motives. She explained, "It's the thrill of a new partner of any color. The taboo of being with a black single turns me on. I want to experience sex with a black penis."
As a sign of approval, I suggest she introduce herself to a single that seemed to be popular with other couples.
She replied. "Oh? I have been flirting with that one sitting alone over there."

As it turned out, they both got invited to our room.
The fellow I selected was experienced and aggressive. Sorcha pick was timid and shy.

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