Jenny, my wife, with Sam.

The first guy we brought in was someone with whom Jenny had talk to on line, who was very game and recently out of a relationship.
He was available and Jenny assured me "he'd do it."

Jenny made the arrangement to meet him for drinks. Turned out, we were all comfortable with the situation.
Jenny explained in detail, what she had in mind. I explained that we are seeking a single male that will go with the flow and not be 'pushy' in anyway.
It was important to me that we all understood the other's position.

In less then an hour, for all intents and purposes we simply lucked out.
The situation and all the elements were readily available for us to put this together and enjoy.
I surprised myself as I invited him to our home. He asked, "when?" "Right now." I replied. He turned his face to look at Jenny. "I'm good to go if you are?" Jenny said with out waiting for his response.

All in all the arrangement was one of the best my wife and I have had to date.
At least where my wife's pleasure was concerned. The focus was all on her. In some ways almost better than our thoughts of a MFF encounter or a cple/cple encounter where everyone pleasured each other, all the time.
The things he did with and for my wife were awesome. It was truly satisfying to see and hear her responding to his touch. Just typing this out right now makes me want to set up another of these ASAP.

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