I fell in love with a younger man. I love him, and I can not break up with him. Is this relationship really that wrong?

I still consider myself as a 'single female.'
My current life partner and I have worked in the same office for years and shared his apartment for the past 3 years.
We still sleep together. He has an array of sexual toys and keeps adding to that collection.
Foreplay amounts to watching a porn flick together followed by him stuffing me with one or more of his toys.
His efforts to satisfy me are not wasted. My multiple orgasms leave me spent and exhausted.
I don't think he realizes how unloved I feel after the bedroom lights are turned out.

One night while watching porn, he suggested we should try that.
I took that as an OK for me to enjoy a lover.
I agreed with the stipulation, I would select or at the least approve
who would be invited. "Can I video you?" he asked.

I went on line to learn more. Seems he wants me to be a 'cuckoldry.'
I can do that. Matter of fact I have a few potential guys I would want to approach.

Now, three months later, and over a dozen intimate encounters with Blake, I find myself in love with both.

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