I am Hase and he is mEgo. We are seeking swinging.

Our Interest Levels: Soft or Full swap.
Couples, Females & Males.

HIS PREFACE: Note to males swinging alone. She is very good at what she does. I am lucky to have a beauty like her. Although I have a couple of years on her, we are here for her pleasure. Let's temper all this with the fact that she is the prize and I am willing to share her with you.
If you are a single or married man, you better bring something special to make it work. If you are still interested, read her comments below.

HER WRITING: We seek a couple and of course a single female, but isn't everybody?
I enjoy dressing up, dressing down, not dressing, undressing and mostly making love rather than being one of your conquests.
As a couple, you must be into each other and good to each other. No spouse bashing or bullying.
We are very interested in finding fun loving but serious swingers for more than a 'one night stand.'

We have used our real names here! So when you write and use initials, do you think that is a good way to start and intimate conversation.
If I scream out in passion during lovemaking, should I call you by your initial?
Give it some thought about the reality of protecting your privacy vs the reality of good communications.
Don't expect me to share my mind and body with you if you need to use a made up name.

You must be clean, D&D free.
This one gets skipped over to the point that it is abbreviated.
Drug-Free? No cocaine, barbiturates, heroin, opium, crack, smack, and all the other 'acks' and all those drug things I don't even know the names.
If 420 is your thing, not around us, please.

Intimacy without "before-play" is for the teenagers, though, frankly, I don't need too much foreplay to get in the mood but I do enjoy it.
mEgo says, " I have the libido of a man and insatiable." That might be true but I need a man with an active libido. Guys who know when to come on and when to back off will be rewarded with a great show and an intensity.
We have found that if it works on the first date, why wait? A fine motel with soft lights, sweet music, and cozy king size bed is more fun than Motel 6, a sixty-watt bulb and a six-pack. We love everything about playing. mEgo takes good care of me and we usually do same room because we love to watch the show.
Her man must be gentle to her as well as me. I know you are a stud, but you don't have to rearrange my vital organs to prove it.

Girl play is fun and you can join in with your woman whenever you wish. I am way past bold and would love to find a woman to join me. Her man can enjoy it too.

Girl/Girl: As women, I have found this to be an interesting question, decision, and obligation. Men love to watch g/g play but since we are center stage, the women have some decisions to make. Are we hot for each other? I love a hard man but I also love soft women and sometimes a hard woman. If we are turned on, let the passion drive the moment. Receiving and giving pleasure to one another.

I am selective I would consider a single guy, who doesn't want to miss the joys of life. I do desire some strange meat and being the center of attention between two or more males. Be sure to bring more than the flag pole. Talented tongues and hands can make a big difference. My needs are simple. A nice hotel room with room service and enough time to spend a few hours. No quickies!
Patience is a virtue. Pace yourself. Longer is better. When contacting me, Have a plan that includes where, when, what you want to do and why you selected me.
Consider: Lotions, feathers, and adult toys. Chocolate, whip-cream and strawberries are just too messy.

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