With my husband, we meet several single guys for drinks.

Ok.. let me explain what we are into. Erik loves to see me with other males.
To that end, we meet with several guys, one at a time, at our favorite 'watering hole.'
After each meeting, we decide who goes on my list of approved potential sex partners. That alone is entertaining for me.
I love dressing up and feeling desired out in public. Not only with the guy we are there to meet, but with the guys who might be there and noticing.
We are very much regulars at the bar and the bartender / owner lets me get away with more then he should.
It isn't un common for us to stayed after our invited male guest has left to socialize with others that I found attractive.

Erik gets to decide who (from the list) is invited to our house. He sets it up and I am not told which one he has selected.
In the video clip, I was nude, face down on the bed when Erick brought Thomas into the bedroom.
As instructed, I was not to look up, until told to.

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