Ruth with College guy. Boston,Ma. 02113

In college, I was always attracted to girls that are out going and popular with others. Then and for years later, my insecurities kept me from dating.
There were a few times my friends would set me up for a date. If I was lucky enough to have her consider me as a lover, I would fail to satisfy her sexually. With Viagra I would obtain an erection with my six inch cock but disappointed by premature ejaculation. Don't be fooled by all the conjecture. Size does matter!

My current girlfriend discussed adding another male to our relationship. We think it is best to advertise and do a different guy each time she desires (needs) sexual fulfillment. In that way, it would be 'just sex for her.' Of course, I insisted to always be with her for each encounter. No possibility of a love relationship with any of them.

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