I never expected our first Threesome to play out like this.

We talked a lot before acting on our fantasy for a MFM threesome.
I knew it would be best if Sandy approved the guy. Better yet, I told her to select the guy herself. She was more then willing to do that. Matter of fact she told me there is this guy at work that has made advances towards her already. To date she has been rejecting him. Telling him, " I am happily married." She admitted, she was turned on by his approach and thought often, what he might be like in the sack.

Notice in the video how excited she was to get his cock in her hand. Also notice, to my regret how she ignored me. Even going to the extreme to pushing me away when I tried to touch her.
Rejected, I moved away. At Steve's suggestion, I returned. Then he seem to take charge, telling Sandy, "to suck my cock."

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