I watch him watch her. Her thin, tall body twists and rolls around the pole. Her long black hair swinging with passion. Through the smoky air I see his eyes are hungrily focused on her, and I follow his gaze to see perfectly glossed red lips revealing a sultry smile. A horny grin spreads on his face as she kneels down to wiggle her perky, large breasts in his face. He licks his lips and tucks the $20 bill into the side of her g-string. "I'm Jay. What's a guy gotta do to get to know you, sweetheart?" He asks with a smile, his deep, sexy voice obviously having an effect on her.
"Well," her raspy, hard voice begins, "Normally, it would take two more bills to even talk to me in private. But for you..." She lets one long red fingernail caress him from just below his Adam's apple to resting on his lip. "I'd be willing to negotiate a deal. My name is Lisa, by the way." She leaned in to kiss him, and he took to her like she was the air he breathed. "My boyfriend likes to watch Me." she explained while pointing in my direction.
He cuts his eyes at me and smiles before taking the hand of my vixen in front of him. She leads him to the back of the club, near a door guarded by a large and intimidating bouncer. Somehow, through the loud bumping music, I can hear her telling the guard, "my boyfriend is going to join us in a few minutes." She turns to me and gives me thumbs up and disappears into the private room. I eagerly follow them into a room behind that door, my heart pounding like a sledge hammer. I'm very eager to see what I already know is going to take place.

Two months have passed and the three of us are still very close friends. Lisa has found great pleasure dancing for him in private. He is always willing to make the hour or so drive to our home. With each visit he is always appreciative and generous.

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