Well it happened - the night he had dreamed of, his fantasy. It was Saturday afternoon and our night approached fast. My husband had arranged the hotel room. I hired the baby sitter to arrive early for some away time during the day for me to get pampered. Which I absolutely did!! I went to Cross Gates. Got my hair styled, my nails done and bought a new dress.
We arrived at the motel just after check-in time, about 3:30. There in the room I indulged myself. Soaking in a hot bath, making sure I was clean shaven. Then putting on my new dress.
Perry, my husband's best friend would come pick us up so we could have some drinks with a light dinner. Later his friend would join us at the motel lounge. I wanted time to loosen up with both of them before going back to the room. I was a nervous wreck, but knew how badly my hubby wanted this night. By the time Perry arrived, I was in my new dress and black flats.
Down in the lobby, we decided to visit the bar, where we played pool and drank. Lol, well I drank the most followed by Perry. Hubby isn't much of a drinker. He nursed just one Miller's Lite while watching me play pool against Perry.
My second drink let me loosen up and flirt with Perry across the pool table. I whisper little sexy things to him while he tried to take his shots. It was really a turn on having both their eyes on me, when it was my turn to shoot. Watching my husbands face was the most impressive. He has always enjoyed showing me off to other guys. I made sure both of them got a good view, as I took my shots.
After a few rounds of pool, it was time to go to the lounge. Perry's friend would be arriving soon. Even though I carried my third drink with me from the bar, my husband ordered another round for the three of us. We took a table, off to the side. Perry sat facing the entrance door. We chatted a bit longer as Perry kept glancing at the entrance, watching for his friend. I think both guys were impatiently waiting to get the night started. I don't think a lot of time went by, before our third male showed up. After the formal introductions the conversation went quickly about the night ahead. I felt good about Perry's friend. He was polite, very humble, but also self-assured. He clearly had many experiences with other couples but did not brag.
From my clutch bag, I took out the plastic room key card. Wordless, I laid it in the middle of the table. It laid there un-touched for a minute or so. It was Perry who picked it up. "Are we ready?" he asked. His eyes focused on mine. A bit of a cold shiver went up my back but I nodded my approval.
Not so discreetly, I led three men to the elevator. While in the elevator I asked my hubby if I should kiss Perry's friend and he told me it was my choice. I slowly took Perry's friend face in my hands and turned his face to mine kissing him slowly tasting his tongue with mine, nibbling his bottom lip. Backing up and whispering just loud enough for everyone to hear what a good kisser he was, how gentle. I asked him if he enjoyed it and when he mumbled "yes", I stole another kiss.
We exited the elevator and walked in a group to our room. As soon as the door closed behind us, Perry took me by the arm, lead me to the bed and had me sit on his lap.
My husband started to video us. Perry opened his legs and moved further back onto the bed. My ass settled between his thighs. As I leaned back into Perry's chest my ass slid to the edge of the mattress, causing my dress to raise, resulting in my bare pussy to be exposed. A quick look at my husband, to assure he was OK with what is about to happen.

He seemed to be OK, but later I hear the truth that there were issues and doubts crossing his mind that he didn't put a voice to at the time.
Concerns that we are working on. We will still keep these nights as special treats. His birthday is coming up in five weeks.

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