My wife did not have much experience with other men. While dating and during the first year of our marriage, I tried all sorts of toys on her. She enjoyed them. We also engaged in roll playing through out our house. Our anniversary was coming up and I wanted her to experience something different. There was this guy, Howard who lived across the street with who I knew she was attracted to, but she is shy and would never do anything on her own. I became friendly with him too. I offered Meg to him and he accepted. I gave him how I would stage the event and what his roll would be. So we decided to go for it on the weekend of our anniversary. Three days before our anniversary, Meg and I planned to have a romantic Saturday night at home.

On Saturday, Meg drove our daughter to my mother in laws house. While she was gone, I went up to our guest room and open the sofa bed. I affixed nylon ropes to the frame of the bed. I put a bottle of lube and some rubbers on the wooden arms. Then I closed the door and went to our bedroom. There, I laid out on the bed a complete outfit for Meg to put on when she got home. Back downstairs I placed a bottle of wine and two glasses on the dinningroom table. Thirty minutes later my wife returned. I told her about the clothes I had laid out for her. "Oh!" she replied. " Pour the wine and I'll be right back." 10 minutes later, she returned. We sat at the dinning room table and shared a couple of glasses of wine. I poured her a third glass. I excused myself and went off to the bathroom. With the door closed, I sent a text message to Howard. "The patio door is un-locked. Give us about ten minutes then come over. We will be up stairs waiting." Returning to the dinning room, I picked up the bottle of wine took her by the hand. "Bring your glass we are going up-stairs."

At the top of the stairs, I put a blindfold on her. Then lead her to the guest room. I had her layout on the bed. Then I tied her spread-eagle. With a kiss on her lips, "I have a surprise for you," I whispered. I left her laying there as I got the cam-recorder from the desk drawer. I could hear Howard was on his way up the stairs so I started to video the both of them.

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