I have personally experienced opening up to my boyfriend about my threesome fantasy. I keep thinking about a threesome with him and another.
Early in our relationship, I felt like, if I told my boyfriend that we should have a threesome, he would not ever feel or look at me the same way again. Beside that, I would not know how to explain I wanted all the attention to be focused on me. However, the idea of a two men making it their chief responsibility to pleasure me would get me wet just thinking about it.

Let me share my approach with you. Scott and I made it a point to go out each Friday night after a long boring work week. He isnt much of a flirt but I catch him looking at other women. That opened the door for me to ask him about having a threesome with another woman. He said, that might be interesting. I was hoping he would come back with his own suggestion of including another male, but he did not. Later that night in bed, I brought the subject up again. Then with much apprehension, I asked, how would you feel about doing the same with a single male? He was silence for what seem to be a long time. Then he replied, I think it would be easier for us to find a guy. With that answer, we got into what kind of guy would be best. Neither of us is bisexual, so we would want a straight male. Scott suggested he could be someone that has a bigger build then him. Scott has a small frame but a good size cock. I replied, I donít think I would need a bigger cock. With a big smile he replied, Oh, I was thinking of a body builder. Like some of the guys we see at Planet Fitness.
I kissed him and we fell off to sleep cuddled together.


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