It was about 7 O'clock on a Thursday night. Angela returning from Hannaford's met up with the single guy, Chuck, who lived in the apartment next to ours. He offered to help her carry the grocers up to our apartment. Angela led him from the front door, through the living room to the kitchen. While she was away, I was viewing one of our home made sex tapes. He couldn't have missed it as they walked by the TV. He was the first to return to the living room. He hesitated to watch the action on the TV. "Do you know who that is?" I asked him. He just shook his head, acknowledging he knew it was Angela giving head to a black male. "Have a seat." I told him pointing to the couch.

Then I called out to Angela, bring us a couple of beers. Chuck is going to stay a bit. Just a few minutes later, Angela came in with two cold Bud's. She handed Chuck his and then crossed in front of him to hand me mind. Chucks eyes followed her every step. "Come sit with us", I invited her pointing to the couch. "In a minute," she replied. I want to get into something cooler.

When she returned, wearing just a short house coat, she joined Chuck on the couch. We sat and chatted about common interests. I let my wife move at a pace that is comfortable for her. Chuck finished his beer and placed the empty bottle on the floor next to his foot. "I'll take that," my wife said as she lean across Chuck's lap to reach the bottle. Her free hand massaging Chuck's cock, she turned to me and asked if I was done with my beer. I held the empty bottle out to her as she stood up and approached my chair. Just as she reached for it, I took hold of her writs and pulled her down into my lap. She spun around and landed on my thighs facing Chuck. I dropped the bottle to the floor so both hands would be free. My left arm encircling her waist holding her lightly to my body. My free left hand worked at pulling her house coat up on her open thighs. Chuck watched and giggled as her bareness came into view. Then I motioned to Chuck to come over and join her.
Leaving the two of them together, I went to our bedroom and got the web-cam going.
Then I call for the two of them to join me.

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