I set up a party for my girlfriend. Worked on this for two months finding the right guys that I would not have a problem with. Found and interviewed several guys that I did not think I would mind fucking her. A week before my planned party I e-mailed the invitations and driving directions to the guys. I told Denise a few of my male friends were coming over next Friday night. I asked to have some beer and snacks on hand. I am sure she suspected something was in the works. We did not talk again about the party till the night of the party. After supper I asked her about the snacks and beer. She replied, I have the snacks already but did not know how much beer to buy. She said she had to go to Price Chopper anyway and would pick up the beer. That would work out great, I thought to myself. I would have her go just before the guys were to arrive. If she left at 7:30, the guys would all be here before she got back. With Denise out of the house the guys all arrived with in a thirty minute time period. I had them gather in our front room which had been set up for a card game. Denise would enter the house through the connecting garage into the back kitchen. I would meet her there and suggest she brings the beer to us. Ten minutes later Denise came into the front room with a six pack of beer in each hand. She was wearing a white blouse that didn't hide her sexy black lace bra. Her red skirt was short enough to show her creamy white thighs. The guys kept telling her how good looking she was and she blushed a bit. When I thought she was a bit turned on I had her stand next to me. I complemented her on the sexy bra and asked if her panties matched? As I raised her skirt, she resisted a bit at first but once I had her panties in full view, I think she thought it was kind of a turn on. She giggled a bit when I suggested she show off the matching bra. The guys encouraged her as well. Slowly she opened one button at a time till her blouse opened completly. I reached up from my chair and slipped the blouse off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Then without asking, un-hooked her bra. On her own, she let the bra straps slip down her arms to her left hand. With a look and a giggle at me, she tossed the bra onto the poker table. I stood up and started kissing her and playing with her tits. Then the guys encircled her. They started playing with themselves and then her. Then all hell broke loose. All the guys had their cocks out. Each were bigger than me, by my choice. Lets take this party into our bedroom, I told the group. Denise pushed between two of the guys and said," good idea." She got banged like I never expected. She loves rough sex. She came often, all the guys came inside of her.

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