My biker-babe offered up to a fellow rider.

David's thoughts.
I would describe the biker life in a few words. Fellowship and comradery. Leather and steel. Wind, sun, rain and bugs in your teeth. Fresh air and tattoos. Goosebumps and tingles. Now that I have Angel riding tandem with me, the sexual exchange is another faucet to be enjoyed.

Angle is cool with her biker-babe status.
Saturday, late afternoon David decided we will go out on the bike. Let me go change and we will head out. David told me that, 'what I was wearing was just fine.' I had on black shorts and a tight pull over top that really showed my nipples. Are you sure we are not going to run into anyone we know?, I asked. 'No, not that I have planned' David replied. We headed out to the main highway and rode about 40 minutes. Then we turned into the Smokehouse Bar parking lot. There were several bikers there, just hanging out. David got off the bike first and I followed. David wandered off towards the group of others while I stayed at the bike. After several minutes, he returned but he wasn't alone. "Angel, I want you to say hello to Hank." David said as they approach. As I turn towards him I am sure you could still see my hard brown nipples and tits threw the thin tee. He is going to follow us back to my place. Oh I said, I didn’t know we were going to have company tonight. Yes the guys where just hanging out here and I thought the three of us might all watch the game on TV. As I looked around at Hank, his eyes where starring at my tits. Hummmmmm wonder why? When we got back to David’s house, I needed to excuse myself to go pee. "You guys go in and find a place to sit and I'll get you all a beer." They agreed and went into the living room and sat down. I went to the bathroom then to the refig for the beers. Then I went into the living room with the first round of beers. I gave the first one to David. "Honey I better go and change since we have company." I said. Babe don't worry. Besides you look hot and sexy. Lets just relax anyway. Then I turned to face Hank who was sitting in one of our easy chairs. As I bent over to hand Hank his beer, the neck of my tee fell open with the weight of my tits. Exposing them as well as my dark brown nipples. I straighten up and just stood there while Hanks eyes roamed up and down my full body. Then I felt a hand lightly rubbing it's way up and down my ass. I looked over my shoulder to see a big smile on David's face. Baby it's so sweet and Hank agreed. David took my hand and then sat me down straddling Hank's lap. From behind me, David had raised my tee and was toying with my tits. Hank's right hand moved down between my open thighs and pressed against my pussy. God I was starting to get really hot. Then I leaned back against David who had raised my tee and started rubbing and pinching my nipples between his fingers. All this was making me so hot, wet and getting me really horny. With my naked tits being manipulated in front of another guy, I could feel my hips starting to move and my pussy throbbing. Yes, what a surprise, it felt so good. Hank's hand and fingers started rubbing all around my pussy and working their way up under the leg hem of my shorts. David pressed his body harder to my back, pushing my shoulders forward. His hands holding my tits up and out. Offering them to Hank. Hank's left hand moved up my belly and finding its way up to my tits along with David's hands. Hank then grabbed a mouth full of my tit and I could feel him nibbling on my nipple. The pleasure was running threw my body like a freight train and I could feel my sweet juices pouring out of my pussy. David spoke softly to Hank. Give us a few minutes then follow us into our bedroom. With that I was lead into the bedroom. The video camera was still set up on the tripod from last night. David started it recording and then laid out on the bed. I mounted him and started to suck his cock.

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