Polly and I have been going to the couple's parties for about three months. The group is small and no singles are allowed. It does get a bit boring seeing the same couples week after week. To add to that most are closet swingers. They are into couple on couple only in a private bedroom. I was hoping to find and be involved in some kind of group orgy type encounter. Polly had an interest in being with a younger hard-body type guy. I had no problem with that, but would like to be there to watch and participate. My fantasy would be harder to fulfill, being we would need to find another group of swingers. A young stud for Polly turned out to be easier then I expected. Friday night while watching the news on TV, we decided to order a pizza. In the past, it was always the shop owner's 22 year old son who delivered it. Not until after calling in the order for a large pizza did I suggest that we have some fun with the delivery boy. Polly with a slight giggle said, I was thinking the same thing. Let me go and get out of these jeans. Polly disappeared into the bed room and I waited in front of the TV. When she returned, she had on the same outfit she would wear to the parties. Then we talked about what might happen, if she made the sexual advances towards the delivery boy. I told her, I would be OK with what ever she did and how far she would like to go. But let me watch. "Of course" she replied. "Better yet, why not get it all on video." she added. Raising her short skirt, she asked, Do you like my outfit Before I could reply, the doorbell interrupted her. "Oooh pizza's here." She said skipping over to the door. She glanced out the peephole to make sure that it was the pizza we had ordered and not one of those pesky people who are always trying to get her to go to church.

It was the pizza, more importantly the pizza boy. She had mentioned before that he is cute, a little awkward but had a slim body. Polly opened the door. The kid's eyes moved up and down Polly s outfit. "Pizza." He somehow managed to mutter holding the red box out towards her. Undaunted by his predictable reaction Polly leaned forward and opened the box and pouted. "It's a pepperoni pizza. I wanted sausage." She then took hold of his arms and pulled him into the house shutting the door behind him. "Let's see if you have any sausage for me. I need a nice big sausage to fill me up." She pushed him against the closed door and put her hand on the front of his pants. As soon as she had felt what she wanted she stepped away from him Do you think I am pretty? Polly asked. Tonight is going to be your luck night. Polly took the pizza box from him and placed it on the counter. Then she returned to the boy. She gave him a hard kiss and led him past my chair and into the bedroom. I went to the cabinet and got the video camera out.

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