Finding the right guy after to many failed encounters is 'priceless.'

Seeing my wife pleased by another male seem to be the ultimate sexual kick, and mind blowing. I wanted a guy that would give Maureen the sensation of being completely filled by her new lover.

We posted a profile as a mature couple, 'Male wanted for vanilla sex fun' on some websites. The likes of, adult friend finder, ok cupid, fetlife, swing lifestyle and plenty of fish. We sent out a lot of email messages and exchanged some photos. The waiting and anticipation for this fantasy to happen became addictive. We agreed to meet with one. In the motel room he was very pushy to get my wife nude and on the bed. Then he got rough with her. I put the video camera down and stopped the action right then. I sent Maureen off to the bathroom, while I explained to our guest, the night was over and he would need to leave.

We decide to look into the swingers club specifically designed for swingers to meet up and take home potential partners for the night. We had our mind set on finding the right guy for Maureen. He should be sociable and willing to agree to all of our rules. Our mistake with the first guy was he did not understand that the Threesome is to be fun and pleasurable for all concerned and not just for his pleasure or to take advantage of Maureens gentle personality. At our first meet and greet, Maureen sat privately with Terry for some time. I keep off to the far side from them and kept a watchful eye on them. After drinking a couple of beers, nature called. I made my way to the bathroom. Returning in no more then 10 minutes, Maureen was standing where I had been waiting for her. 'I have seen and heard enough. Lets head out.' she said. On the way home she explained that Terry was married and swinging alone. Although we thought a single guy would be better, she has changed her mind. Seems she believes Terry would be better being he lives with a female and understand her sexual needs. Made sense to me. Maureen had his cell phone number and would invite him to meet up with us.

Terry was polite and let Maureen set the pace.
The most memorable thing of that whole scene was that every time I looked at Maureen, she had a huge grin on her face. I knew from that point on that this was something that would make her very happy. We have invited him back a few more times. It also makes me happy because after he leaves, she is so turned on; I get a lot of extra attention.

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