We have been together for 8 years and not married. Shortly after our daughter was born 2 years ago I began fantasizing about my GF giving sex to other guys and it was such a turn on for me that it became almost my only fantasy.
I started talking to her about it during sex and it got us both really hot, and after a few months of constant pleading and pressure, she agreed to let it happen so we contacted a guy through the net and met him at a motel bar. Fran and I talked to him for about an hour, then we went to his room and we both had sex with her. She was OK with it. Even enjoyed it despite being shy and nerves.

    That let the genie out of the bottle for me and it became a fixation, more accurately an obsession, to the point where it's the main focus of my sex life now. My girlfriend has slowly come around to my way of thinking and is a willing participant and has learn to relax (with a few drinks ) and enjoys the extra attention and orgasms she gets with other men. Currently we are inviting single guys to our home. I alone greet them at the door, while she waits in our bedroom. I lay out a few ground rules and then have Fran join us.

   She makes her grand entrance wearing her white dress and heels. Her breast fully exposed. I take her hand and give her a kiss on her cheek. Then I lead her across the room to where our guest is sitting. I step directly behind her. My hands reach as far as possible below her hips. I slowly gather her dress up with my fingers. Once she is fully exposed, I whisper into her ear. "Spread your ankles apart." In silence, we wait for our guest to touch her. Some have asked for permission while others are bold enough to reach out without any encouragement. I steady her when she thrust out her hips and leans her shoulders back onto my chest. With that and her moaning, I know he has found her clit. " Don't stop" she pleads. Now I tighten my grip with my arms encircling her waist. I know when she cums, her knees will give out and I don't want her to fall or back away from his probing. At least not until she squirts into the palm of his hand.
I love her and our daughter dearly, but every month or two I need her to give her body to another man/men. I have been present on every occasion except once and I often join in, but just as often I wait until we're alone and we talk about it while we make love.
Apart from this particular diversion, we live normal lives. We work, pay bills,socialize with friends, etc. She is 49 and I am 43.
I'm not asking for moral judgements on our lifestyle, but would like to know how many other men have this same obsession and if they live it out?


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