Alyson promised me 'kinky sex' when she got home from shopping.

As soon as Alyson got home from shopping, I had her strip naked.
Then I bound her wrist and put a blindfold over her eyes.
I walk her into my office.
I had set up one of our dining room chairs on the left end of the day-bed.
Earl was sitting on the far right. Our laptop is set up directly across from the chair.
I gently guide her to the chair.
I unclip Alyson right wrist and brought both of her wrists
around the back of the chair, clasping them back together.
I stepped away to admire the view Earl was given.
"Spread your knees apart and keep them open." I told her.
She did that without any hesitation.

I returned to her side. My right hand ran up her inner thigh.
Her pussy lips were already partially open. I probed her wetness.
Then I wave to Earl to come over.
I moved around to the back of the chair.
I start stroking both of her breast. Twirling her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs.

Earl's hand covered her navel. His fingers pointing down between her legs.
Alyson gasps when she realizes there is another person in the room.
Earl's hand slides down over her pussy. His fingers curl, and disappear into her.
I lean down to Alyson ear and whisper, "I'll be back in a few minutes."
I stop at the laptop, and turn on the videocam.
I left the room to let them play for a few minutes alone.

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Earl isn't really a 'dominating master'. When I returned he was dressed and she was untied.
I took over and gave Alyson what she likes.

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