A cigarette break.

My boyfriend and I left the Meet & Greet Social to have a cigarette.
Two other couples were just leaving as we approach the smoking area.
Standing off to the side was a group of guys smoking but not regular cigarettes.

They were polite in their conversation as I chatted with them.
Seems they were members of a soccer team, traveling from Canada.
One complimented my outfit and questioned me on the party we had just left.
For the next few minutes, I held their attention as I described what my boyfriend and others were into.

As I chatted with the guys, my boyfriend went to his SUV and returned with our travel bag.
Behind the guys was a small wooden bench.
They didn't notice my guy pulling some items out of the travel bag.
I watched him spread the towel out on the bench with a smile.

I knew what he had in mind.

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