I am seeking one or more sexual partners.
Not a controling love relationship.
I am looking forward to taking part in the parties as a couple.

It isn't easy making a home made video.

First of all. I don't have a current lover much less a guy who will fuck me on a video to post on this website.

Secondly. I have a son that is to smart for his age. His bedroom wall and mine are adjoining.
I can't entertain there because he already has asked questions about what he had listened to.

I borrowed this guy from one of my girlfriends. He brought his massage table and we set it up and locked ourselves into my apartment bathroom.
I set up my webcam to record this short clip.

I know it isn't very erotic. But this is the best I have for the time being.
Maybe down the road, with the right partner, I can do better????
Rosalie, (UpState Sgl.Female.)

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