I am OK with my guy setting me up for sex with another.

My guy is very much a voyeur. I am just as pleased with being watched.
The video clip is just one of many, we have in our bedroom vault.
The scenarios of each differ.
I was informed in the late afternoon, that tonight would be a 'play night'.
Together we choose the dress he would like me to wear.

One of the things I like about our sexual play time is, he always comes up with
ideas that surprises me. The anticipation excites me!

With my eyes wide open, he led me through the bedroom door and directly to the bed.
At my side he positioned me to layout on my stomach. He then positioned my knees apart
and raised my ankles. I felt my already short skirt being lifted a bit higher on my ass.
I knew all to well, we were not alone in the room.

He joined me on the bed and whispered, "let me know when you are ready."
Kissing and nibbling on my lips.

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