My girl's date night.
My girl made contact with Malcolm on line. He agrred to meet with her but she had to agree to follow his strick desires and kinky pleasures.

As instructed, I made a reservation for two rooms on the same floor at the Hilton Garden Inn. My girl and I checked in about 8:00 PM. At 8:30 she texted Malcolm from her iphone, "I am here and dressed as you requested." Immediately, she got a reply,"come to my room alone."

I watched as she walked down the hallway and entered his room. Now I would wait in our room for him to be done with her. I put the wastebasket in the doorway to prop the door open. Then I sat there waiting and watching for him to leave.

Maybe a little over an hour pasted by before I saw him past by our room on his way out. I jumped up and went directly to their room. The door was slightly agar so I could enter without knocking. My girl was laying out on the bed. Her knees far apart.

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