My Girl Friend with My Brother.

My brother is not severely mentally retarded but he does attend state sponsored classes where the most basic of skills are learned and refined. Currently he is in occupational skill therapy.
He has lived with our single Mom all his life. I have never stopped being his Big Brother. Spending time with him has always been a priority. Even as I attended Herkimer Community College for two years. I would return home on the weekends.
Upon graduation I return home and got an OK job. That is where I met my girlfriend and her two children. With in six weeks, I moved in with her.
Late Saturday mornings, my mother would drop my brother off at our place so she could take care of her business. Later that evening, I would transport him back home.

Oh so often my brother would voice his desires like any other adult males in their early 20's.
"I want a job, really, I want a job. I want to clean my own apartment and cook my own meals. I want a girlfriend."
Problem is, he is in his mid 30's and of course, No Girlfriends. Well, there is no way he can have his own apartment and I can't help him get a job.

On his next visit the three of us watched some porn for about an hour. Then off to our bedroom.
I left the two of them there alone but with the door open, I could check on them.

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