I am a divorced female with a very young male friend.

My male friend is more likely to be my son. He is only three years older than my son.
His cock is a good size and never fails to get stiff.
The problem is, he can't fulfill my need to be dominated sexually.

Together we leave home. Check into a cheap motel and phone the male lovers I am to be with.
While I am on the phone, he sets up our video camera to video record what will take place.
With that done he is sent back home to wait for my text message, "come pick me up".

Nearly naked, he cuffs my wrist and secures them to the bed frame.
He inserts a vibrator deep into me. Then it is time for him to go.
As he leaves, he will position one of my black heels between the door and the
door jam so it won't close and lock.

There I will wait for 'person number one' to arrive.

As my young boyfriend is about to leave 'person number one' arrived.
It is not a good idea for my BF to stay and watch us.
Yet, I lay there in silence, eyes closed, while my BF is in no hurry to exit the room.

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