I get laid while hubby hides in bedroom.

I am a graduate from Midred Elley. Husband with a masters from Albany SUNY.
Together we follow the Great Danes when at SEFCU.
We even enjoy sitting in on some of their practice sessions.
Both are professionally employed, living at the Fairwood Apartments.

Sexually we are a perfect match. He is very much of a voyeur, while I have always enjoyed the athletic type guy.
I reached my sexual peak the fifth year at Midred Elley.
I got more then interested in the ball players after attending a few of their home coming parties.
The excitement of watching them play, sweating both on the court or the bench, has not diminish.
I evaluate each player and fantasize what they might be like if allowed to hook-up with one or more of them.
I could wait in the parking lot after a practice. I might find away to get them to talk to me.
I could give them my phone number and make it clear what I wanted.

 30 minutes of sexual bliss!  
Hidden cam being cast to bedroom TV.

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