Naked & Tied spread eagled.

I am a single female member of the Alexa4Fun group. My male partner, due to their age limit restriction, is not.
I alone attend the Meet & Greet Socials while my partner waits for me to return in our room.
I enjoy mixing with the couples and singles at the social. After the M&G, I will bring the party to our room.

February 17, Saturday night. 8:15 PM. While I was primping for the Social, Chuck was busy signing 10 small
invitation cards. Nine of them had my E-mail address written on them.
Inside one he wrote, "11:00 O'clock. Room 205, if you want me?"

With the cards sealed inside the envelopes, I would pass them out at the M&G.
You can see where this is going. Right?

I am naked and on my back.

My arms were angled from my sides, wrist higher than my shoulders, with wide cuffs
tightly holding my wrists. Ropes held the cuffs securely to the upper corners of the bed.
Just above my feet, simlar cuffs are fastened to my ankles.
The attached ropes holding my split legs to the lower corners.
I have a large pillow under my ass, forcing my body to arch over it to fully expose my pussy.
My mind and heart racing, as I felt an indescribable excitement for what I knew was to come.
With the anticipation my nipples seem to harden and my pussy felt wet.

The only sound inside the room is from my partner moving around with the video camera.
Occasionally the silence is broken as people passed our partially open door to the hallway.
The door was intentionally left open, so the guy with the 'winning invitation' could enter without knocking.

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