On Holiday at the Falls.
Quality Hotel. 240 1st Street, Niagara,NY 14303,

We have been together since I turned nineteen. Got married at 24. After years of being in a monogamous marriage the law of familiarity kicked. My husband and I understood and accept my feelings. At this point I suggested the option of doing more exciting things in the bedroom and maybe involving others. As I am sure many others have done, we started by bringing toys, porn, and sex in public into a relationship to spice things up and make things exciting. Our one daughter went off to college leaving us with an empty nest. It also allowed us to travel a bit. On one of our holidays, through a local 'rag paper', I hired a female to give my husband his first FMF threesome. In the fall of the same year, we traveled to Niagara Falls. There he surprised me with my first gang bang.

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