I lost and my wife paid up.

I got into the game by invitation from a close friend.
He and two other top sales mangers were staying at the LaQuinta Motel for a three day seminar. The game will go on to the early morning hours but I was busted.
My last hand of the game, I had a high straight. I called and my straight was second best to a full house held by Hugo.
He is Swedish salesman for the new OneStep2 instant camera.
I stuck around for a few more hands, going over what I might tell my wife.
The others offered a few suggestions. It was my close friend who suggested, "You have such a cute, young wife -- if she was here, she could cover your losses."

I went to get one last beer from the refrig and Hugo followed. "Let's talk about your wife?" He said.
"I am willing to return what you lost to me for a chance to have her visit me in my room." He added.
It was clear to me, what he wanted. "Think about it." He remarked as he returned to the table.

My wife is much younger than I. I knew she was having an affair with her "x" even after she moved in with me.
She claims to have broken that off after we got married.
It was worth a shot to ask her to come and meet Hugo.

I called and she answered the phone. She was still awake. After some small talk, I admitted the reason for my call.
At first she rejected Hugo's offer. That when I admitted to her how much I had lost to him.

After a minute or so of silence she said, "Meet me in the lobby in 20 minutes. I need to get dressed."

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