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Sharing my guy.
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and half years. I have remained faithful. Not hard for me to do. The past couple of months we discussed what it would be like to have a threesome. Neither one of us has ever had such an experience. Ever since I will admit I had started to fantasize about having a threesome with my boyfriend and another woman. I am 100% straight, but do appreciate the softness and fragrant of a women. At that time, I thought it would never actually happen. We were just talking about it.

Then my boyfriend and I attended a local BBQ at Thomason Lake. Naturally alcohol was being consumed. At our table, I got talking to a female, a couple of years younger then us. Pretty girl with long red hair and a nice shape. She was alone at this event. I felt badly for her and invited her to hangout with us. No intentions of what ended up happening.

After the BBQ, she continued to party with my group of friends and came back to our apartment complex to attend a pool party we all decided to have in order to keep the party going. We met up again with her, in the apartment building parking lot. My boyfriend offered to take our things up to my apartment for safe keeping and fetch beach towels for the three of us.

She and I sat waiting for him to return and the conversation got a bit weird. I do remember her making reference that she was into experimenting and had a thing for girls. But the conversation with her was interrupted when my boyfriend returned. As the drinking and evening went on, I wanted to go home and bring an end to the night. She walked back to our apartment building with my boyfriend and me, in order to get her purse from my apartment.

Next thing I know, I was in my bedroom and she came in with her top off. I just looked at her. Then at my boyfriend. Suddenly she and I were on the bed and my boyfriend was setting up his digital camera on my dresser. Seriously it happened just like that. I don't think him nor did I ever expected we would actually do it, so clearly drinking had played a major factor. But, we both went for it, and I will admit, it was a hot situation.

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