I recently completed four years at RIT. My sister, Sara and I have always been close and while living in Rochester we stayed in touch with one another while she attended Schenectady Community College. Now I am back home sharing an apartment with my significant other. Sara would often join me at Broadway Lunch, where we would solve the world problems. I am not sure how I got her onto the subject of relationships and sex. But we did. I wanted to instill in my younger sister the self-respect and courage needed to lead fulfilling and healthy life. I wanted to inform my sister about something that I unfortunately just began to take seriously. I felt that it was my responsibility to pass my philosophy on to my sister. "Live life to the fullest before settling down to have children."

Let me back track a bit. Two weeks ago I accidentally overheard my sister Sara, and her friend, Mary Beth, talking about one of their friends. They referred to her as a "slut." I asked them why they considered her a slut, and Mary Beth responded: "She has slept with at least eight guys already, and she is easy."

Together at lunch, having this conversation about relationships and sex I made it my goal to dispel all these myths. That is when Sara dropped a bomb on me. "I think I am a lesbian," she announced. "I just do not enjoy intercourse with guys I have been with. Sex is much better with Mary Beth. Besides that, most guys say "I am to fat." We talked about girls feelings when they are rejected after giving part of themselves to another person. Lunch time was over and we both had to get back to work. I asked the waitress for the bill. As we waited I told Sara, "I have an idea that might just work but you will need to trust me."

Two weeks later, my guy and his friend went and rented a cheap motel room. I met Sara for lunch and told her of my plan. "Are you serious?" she asked. "Yes. You do trust me? Right?" I replied. Together we rode in my car where the two guys were waiting.

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