She claims it is just SEX.

We have been married for several years. The last three living in our 'empty nest.' As a couple we stayed at home most of the time.
Neither of us had an interest in travel. Neither of us were drinkers. Our time together got pretty routine. I enjoyed reading while my wife watched TV or played on her laptop.
She did leave the house for her scheduled hair appointments and groceries shopping. I never expected she was cheating on me at the same time. I found strange cigarette butts in the car ashtray. I was confused and shocked but decided not to confront her.

Over the next few weeks, I could always tell when she had a new lover because our sex life would get even better. I knew I was sloppy seconds many times when she came home and wanted more.
About a month or so later, she asked if it would be OK to meet up with her sister and spend a good part of the evening with her. I approved knowing all to well, she had plans to hook up with some guy. I also realized, she knew she had complete control of me.
This went on for three weeks. Every Saturday night about 7:30 she would leave and get home about 10. On the third date night I waited up for her to come home. She pulled into our driveway at 10:45. I waited another 10 minutes for her to come through the side kitchen door. She was startled when I greeted her. "I know what you are doing. I have known for sometime." I told her. Her only reply was, " I don't want to talk about it."
She dropped he purse onto the kitchen table, and stepped past me, " I going to the bathroom." Her purse laid on it side half open. Her wallet and blue panties almost falling out. I went to bed without waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. Oh, before leaving the kitchen, I put her blue panties, on the top of her purse.

After that night, she would go out on Saturday night and got home later and later. I told her, "I worry about you. I am not going to ask you to stop going out but why so late?" "I can come earlier, if that would make you happy." was her answer.

The following Saturday she stayed at home. I didn't ask why. Two more Saturdays passed and she didn't go out. I must tell you, we did not have sex during that same period.
I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday, right after the evening news hour, I asked her why she cut me off? "I don't want to talk about it." was her reply. That night she gave me a hand-job.

On Friday, she was sitting on our couch and I in my recliners. She was on her laptop while I was watching TV.
When she called out my name, I turned my head towards her. "I have accepted a date for tonight." she stated. "He is going to take me out to dinner, then I am bringing him back here with me. You can stay in our room or sit there and watch."

From that night on she started to bring her boyfriends home. I would have to sit and watch as they would make out on the couch, or I would come home and she would have someone in our bedroom.
She had a guy visit her from NYC one time and he stayed a whole weekend. Just before he arrived, she told me to sleep in the guest room and try not to bother them too much.
He was a nice guy. A friendly sort of fellow! It was his idea for me to video their love making.

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January 3,2018. He is back.

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