When my best friend arrived Jessy was in the shower.
I didn't know he was going to stop by, but that is not out of the ordinary.
I opened the door. "What's up bro?" I asked. Just killing some time he replied.
I invited him in and he followed me to the family room.
We chatted a bit. Just guys talk. Work, sports and his girlfriends.

I thought about Jessy and figured I better go tell her, we have company.
"Be right back, bro. Got to warn Jessy you are here. She was in the shower a few minutes ago."

Jessy was in our bedroom, drying her hair with an electric blower.
She had a white towel wrapped around her body. I watched her for a few minutes and left without her noticing me.

Back in the family room, I abruptly asked Billy, "How would you like to Fuck my wife?"
He was a bit surprised but said, "I sure would." "Just sit here for a few minutes." I said.

I went over to our desk and clicked on the laptop cam. Focused it on Billy.
This should be fun for both of us.

In the bedroom, Jessy was still wrapped in just the large bath towel.
"Remember what you said last night?" She nodded."You mean when I was naughty."
"Yes. I know what I want." "I am going to sentence you to fuck my friend, Billy."
Oh! she said with a smile.
I reached out and took the towel from her. "He is waiting in the family room.
Go now." I pointed to the doorway.


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