Sharing My Sexy Girlfriend

I have such a sexy girlfriend. We've been together since high school. Even back then, I loved to see her dressed in sexy clothes. It would get me excited seeing strangers glancing at her body.

A few weeks ago we went to an alumni basketball game at Niskayuna High. Walking from the car, passing through a group of young guys, all took notice of her. A couple of them made comments to her.
Inside the school she admitted, "she loved the attention too." Later that night at home, I decided to continue the conversation. It surprised me when I admitted to her of having thoughts of actually wanting her to be with other men.
With in that conversation, she admitted that occasionally she would flirt and flash younger guys while I had turned my attention in another direction. I replied quickly, "I would love to see that!"

I first shared her with a neighbor friend of mine named Ray. He is single and a bit younger. He was always around, hanging out with me at our house. Until that day I never noticed how he would watch her. I am not sure if she noticed.
After an afternoon of drinking, Tina offered to serve us BLT's and chips. Ray and I sat at the table while she perched on a stool at the counter. Her bare feet rested on the foot rail of the stool. Her short skirt did little to cover he upper thighs. I went over to her. Standing next to her, I couldn't help myself and started to unbutton her blouse. Then, as we were kissing, I called Ray over and she looked at me with those big eyes and almost pleaded with me, "Can I have him?" What could I do? Ray became the first who have had the opportunity to experience sex with her. There have been a few others as well.
The last three and a half years have been incredible. Ray turned out to become my girl's favorite. You can see why in the video clip. Of course, she has been kind enough to me to set up two threesomes with one of her female friends. Life is good. Don't you wish you could see your girl or wife with another man?

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