I love my husband and I understand "it aint his fault".

In my near youth I always thought, size didn't matter.
I wasn't a virgin as I got married to my one and only husband.
Before him I had sex with three other friends and one hook-up.
All seem to satisfy my needs. My current husband came along and with him I got pregnant.
We got married in my second trimester. He has remained a good faithful husband and father.

I was the one who fell to the temptation. I spend a lot of my time at pool side of our country club.
I am guilty at noticing the crotch of the guys in their bathing trunks.
One guy especially got my attention.

He too seems to be a regular at the pool. He would arrive about 1 and left promptly at 4:pm.
I started to make my visit in unison with his. Arriving shortly after 1
so I could select a lounge chair close to where he might be sitting.
I would get ready to leave just before 4, so are walk to the parking lot coincide.
In less then a week, he invited me for a drink. The next day, Friday,
he had me to his apartment. The sex was better then I ever imagined it could be.

The next week he was cold and distance towards me. I was looking forward to
another Friday afternoon of sex with him. That never came about.
I had to find out, "what did I do wrong?" Turned out, he was not into doing
married women. At least not with a cheating wife.

It took me three more days of stressing out. That night I decide to approach
my husband with the idea of getting a 'hall pass'. To have an open relationship.
I pretty much got my way in everything else I wanted.
His reply was a bit of a surprise. "If you are going to get laid by another guy, I want to be there." The door was wide open for me.

My husband's little cock.

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