My wife formally collared.

After months of experimenting and training, tonight my wife will be asked
to participate in the final stage of commitment as my submissive.

We have been married for 12 years. She has given me twin boys of whom I am very proud of.
About a year ago we added B&D to what had become a stalled sex life.
I believe she understands, by accepting to be collared, she is committed to a servitude relationship.

Up until now, we have been monogamous.
We have discussed having an open relationship, but neither gave mutual consent.
She didn't want to venture out alone to have sex with others.

Anticipating her acceptance, I had a single lined up, just waiting for me to send him a text.
He was close by and could host us at his apartment.
I met him through Swingers Zone.

7:pm. Under her rain coat, she wore a chemise and nylons.
Her tits fully expose. The leather collar in place.
We drove over to Chucks apartment. I order her to remove her
coat and leave it in the car. I attached the leash to her collar.
I placed the blindfold over her eyes, hand cuffed her wrist
and lead her into the building. His apartment was on the second floor.

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