Sharon's first swing encounter.

My girlfriend and I are in our mid 20s and have been together for almost 2 years. We have both always been the kinky exhibitionist type, but never really acted out on it. We both get really excited for some reason on the thought of her flashing other guys and letting other guys see her naked and stuff, but she isn't really ready self-image-wise.

She says she is always more willing to do things when she drinks a little bit, but she says she would be willing to do a lot of "naughty" things if she felt better about the way she thinks she looks. I think she's dynamite sexy, but she doesn't so much. She would sometimes get really close to flashing her tits at someone from the vehicle but then chicken out. On our vacation we were in one of those getaway cabins on a forested riverside. Barely anyone there the whole time. It was very secluded. I dared her to run outside naked. I wanted to see if she would, but she couldn't make herself do it. She was laughing the whole time and I think she really wanted to do it.

She's always wanted an older guy to give her a professional full body massage and I've always wanted to watch for some reason but she can't make herself do it. She can't see herself actually naked in front of some guy besides me.

Recently we met some neighbors around our age that has a hot tub. We talked about getting in there with them sometime. I made up a story for us. "She would be wearing a bikini and the possibility of a guy friend of theirs being in the hot tub too." He would need to be single.

I asked her if she would be willing to remove her bikini top in front of both guys in the hot tub. Again she said she would absolutely be willing if she had larger tits. In reality she looks freaking amazing, and I always tell her how beautiful she is and all that. Anyway.. We never have talked about her having intercourse with other guys or any of that stuff, just extreme foreplay you might say. I don't have a problem with this stuff since we're both confident in our relationship and all that. And I never have wanted myself to do anything with other girls - just her with other guys for some reason, LOL, and her too as she is completely obsessed with penises which is hilarious. LOL

Finally we both agreed, enough talk. I knew she was serious when she said, "I don't want to know when or where days before hand. Just set it up and I'll do it." I did just that. I have always had a guy in mind. The same guy I talked to her about, being in the hot tube with. The very next day, I called him. I was straight to the point with him. " My wife has agreed to fuck another guy while I watch. Are you interested in being that guy?" He was more then willing. I told him to come over to our house at 4: o'clock.

About 3:45 I went out to our garage. There I can intercept him before he rings the door bell. He was on time. We talked for a few minutes, then I lead him from the garage through the kitchen door. Once inside I had him sit at the table while I went to tell Sharon he was here.

She was in the family room watching Ellen on our TV. She had floral house coat on. Typically, under the house coat she would be wearing a bra and panties. As I passed by her to turn the TV off, I said, " Sweetie, I have a friend in the kitchen who is going to fuck you." "What?" she replied. "Are you kidding me?" "No! I am going to get him and we will meet you in the bedroom." "Damm it. I haven't made the bed yet." she said. I laugh a bit and pointed to the bedroom. "Go. You have five minutes and get rid of that house coat." She head for the bedroom and I went back to the kitchen. I told Hank, give her five minutes and come to the bedroom. He asked to use the bathroom. That was better yet. He could kill some time in there and be out of sight. The video will show you the rest of our story.

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