Our play nights.

We go out seeking to make a new friend and to have me seduce him or her. This is how that works for us.

Before that other person you're talking to is going to be open to follow your intensions, they must first feel comfortable. If they feel off-balance, they will not catch on. And while you do want them to pick up on your flirting, you also want them feeling like they are free to do what they want around you.

All you have to do to make people feel these things is to step in close while holding eye contact and speak in a low voice. Use your body language to emphasis your words. Once they feel connected to you, they begin to easily catch on to what you have in mind. The emotions you want them to feel in a seduction are typically anticipation and some sexual excitement. Make them feel like they can be bold and pursue you as aggressively as they like.

Follow the steps I take on our play night with single male.

  • Selecting: It is all about evaluation. You evaluate him, and he evaluates you. If you both favorably evaluate the other, you'll have sex.
  • Timing: Try not to wait too long, before you approach him. In doing so, you might let someone else take your potential friend into a relationship, thus ruining your chances at seduction.
    Time in a group is okay, but there is little chance of something special coming out of that.
  • A proper seduction cannot take place if you're in a crowded area. To be intimate, you need an intimate space. This could be at the end of a night at a party together. Like on the way out, or after one of you has invited the other over for a drink. A quiet, private setting is important because you don't want any external pressures affecting the way the seduction is received. Even if someone wants to be seduced, he may feel shy about it if he thinks his friends will be there to see it happen. You need some one on one time. That means the two of you are there specifically for time with each other.
  • Touch is an important part of flirting. It's the way that's going to break the two of you past the barrier between friends and something more. Light touching can include anything from a hug to a brief touch on the arm. These movements aren't risking a lot, and you can usually tell from the way they're reacting to it whether they'll accept bolder gestures.
  • A simple but important thing to do before you make the final push is to reflect on the ways in which your friend has reacted towards your flirtations thus far. If he's smiled when you've touched him or responded to your teasing with teasing of his own, it's probable your friend is inviting you to make a move.
  • All seductions involve a moment of truth. Most often, this means a kiss, although it might also mean an overtly sexual or romantic comment. If your friend has responded well to non-committal overtures, you can move in. Kissing on the lips is often seen as something that is reserved for more than just friends. Once you think the time is right, move in slowly. It's an experience you want him to enjoy and respond to.

    Back at our house.

    All went well this night. Back at our house my husband makes up some excuse to leave me alone with my new friend. He listen closely from the next room only to return when the 'kissing and petting starts.'

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