Last weekend, I attended my first sex party. I went with a friend of mine, Anne. She has been bugging me to come along to one of these events for months.
Anne assured me, that the attendees are a mix of couples and singles who just happen to be swingers. I was skeptical. How discreet could the participants of a paid orgy really be, even if it was invite-only? I also had serious reservations about whether I would actually be able to hook up amidst a crowd. But I trusted Anne, because she knows a lot about this stuff. See, for the past few months she has been hooking up with others on SLS.
The advertised Meet and Greet took place at a bar in Hoosic Falls. Walking into the bar, I was slightly intimidated by how many people were there. Anne took my hand and tugged me towards a double door side room. There was a bouncer sitting just off to the right. The bouncer asked if we had an RSVP. "Yes." Anne replied. "I am MoonLite." The bouncer nodded his head and opened the door for us. Just inside we were welcomed by a mature couple. After exchanging a few pleasantries with Anne, we were given wrist bands. Anne placed a blue band on my wrist. She was given an extra band. A blue band like mine plus a yellow one. Latter she explained the yellow band indicated that she was bisexual.
Anne was right. For the first hour, people mostly stood around chatting with drinks in their hands. Some were dancing. While others sat at the tables that filled one side of the room. I pointed to an empty table just off the dance floor telling Anne, "I want to sit and watch for a bit." The couples on the dance floor clearly were already friends or playmates. The lighting was low and the DJ music was surprisingly soft and intimate. In the car on the way here, Anne told me, I need to keep an open mind. The people we will be meeting tonight are just as normal as are we. What she didn't tell me was the group would be much older. With the age split, most of the females were not "HWP". (Height Weight Proportional like used in the SLS profiles.)

We hung out there for two hours or so. Then we left the banquette room so Anne could locate the bathrooms. Both of us used the facilities. When I came out Anne was chatting up with a cute gal who was sitting at the bar.
As I approached both gave me a big smile and Anne introduced her new found friend to me. I stood just off to the back of Anne's while they chatted. After a bit, it was the new gal who suggested we move to a table. The two girls talked about, the sex party that was going on behind the closed doors.
Then the discussions turned to alternatives to monogamy. Seems she had been reading the increasing media coverage in recent months. Seems Anne's new friend had an interest in the activities she calls 'monogamish'. Opening the doors of one's relationship, as she puts it. As the two gals expressed their different thoughts on an open-relationship, Anne was stroking the back of the new girls' hand. Then in a shocking surprise, they were talking about a motel just north. The new girl was giving Anne driving directions. Anne stood up and took the girls iphone. Entered her phone number in it and handed it back to her. "We'll follow you," she said picking up her purse. Just up the road on route 22, we followed her into the Blue Willow Motel. Then to her room.

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