My sister & husband

When someone close to you seems to be troubled I think we all try to be of help.
Offering support can feel tricky if you don't know what the person needs.
My sister moved in with us last September.
The plan was for her to be with us for two years, while she earned a master's degree in education.

In late February I notice a slight change in her. She no longer spent time watching TV with us.
Some nights she even stayed in her room at supper time. I tried to talk to her, but she
wouldn't say anything more then, "I'm embarrassed to say how I feel or what I think about".
I expected she feared or anticipated I would pass judgment on her.

A few days later, I started our conversation with," You seem either highly strung the last few nights or pissed off at us..
It's been a long time since I've seen you truly relaxed. Is it your studies?"
"No. It isn't that at all." She replied.
Best I could say to her was, "how can I help?" and "what do you need?"
She stood up and started to walk away. Then she turned back and blurted out,
"I can hear the two of you making love every night. I am not getting any! To make it worst, I have dreams of being with him."

I didn't know how I should reply. Should I tell her,"Jack would fuck her in a minute if he knew she was hot for him."

Saturday afternoons, I would always go shopping.
My sister and Jack would be alone in the house for a few hours.
I told Jack, "My sister needs to get fucked. While I am shopping, GO for IT."


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