My wife asked me, "would you like that for your birthday?"

Together we have been watching a lot of porn.
Of course we both realized we were watching professional, selected actors. While I got turned on watching, my wife just giggled. Even criticizing at some of the elements in the flick.

Last weekend, after dinner we settled down with a bottle of wine and a new DVD. I am not sure if it was the wine or the flick. There seem to be a few scenes that got both of our attention. She stopped giggling The DVD title and theme was, "Watch me while I enjoy." The husband watched his wife being fucked by his friend. What was noticeable right away, this DVD was amateur porn. Filmed in a motel room by the husband.

About half way into the movie, my wife broke the silence between us by asking, "do you like watching this?" I didn't know what might be the right answer. I just replied with, "it's OK." "Just OK?" she replied. I didn't reply. After a few more minutes, she reached for the remote and put the DVD on pause. "Lets talk." she said. After several minutes of exchanging thoughts, she shocked me with, "I can do that as long as my conditions are met to the tee." I'll never know what inspired her to agree to an actual threesome. Best that I just take her suggestion and run with it. "How about we set something up next weekend for your birthday?" she asked. "Do you think Paully might be interested? He is always flirting with me?" Before I could answer she said," I will let you work on who and when. I can do it just like the wife in the DVD."

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