Our personal story: Becoming a swinging couple.

It took us three months as a couple to evolve to the point in our relationship where we decided to expand our sex life to include others. Our first try was with a male friend that we both knew. He is a village fire marshal who inspected our business warehouse after a small fire. I was present during his investigation and Missy worked with him filling out the reports. The mistakes I made almost destroyed our love relationship. Kurt was single and not in any type of relationship. Missy is not very out going and did little to plan for the threesome. I invited Kurt over to our house. I took Missy by the hand and lead her to our bedroom. Asking Kurt to follow. Missy stood at the side of the bed while Kurt stopped just inside the door. I lifted Missy dress up over her head. Then placed her on the bed still in her nylons and bra. "Do you want to lick her?" I asked Kurt while holding her knees apart.

Our first try at sharing our love relationship with another.
My mistake was believeing Missy totally understood her role.

If you and yours are thinking about getting involved, best to get some good advice. Don't start out with non-swingers. As novice you need to understand the rules most real swingers a hear to.

We made contact with the Alexa group and took part in the pre-party forum.

I'll share with you our understanding.

For most swinging couples, their relationship type varies. They may swing and/or have an open relationship but are only open for sex partners, not for lovers.
While there has to be some sort of chemistry between sex partners, they do not add the emotion of love.
They will not share their hearts, minds, or souls. They only look to share their body.
That issue should be made clear to your play partners. That sharing passion is not the same as sharing intimacy.

We are seeking a single or couple to become friends and play regularly. Missy's was confused on our first try.
She had it in her head that we were entering into a poly relationship.
As a couple we plan to have multiple sexual friends with the ability to play in private or groups.
We don't want a date night. We want to meet others for sexual play.
Missy and I are now on the same page. We have our own rules and a set of boundaries.

June 23. Missy feels better about this now. What made this work for her was.

  • She wasn't at home in our bedroom.
  • She wasn't stripped naked at the start.
  • A glass or two of her favorite red wine.
  • Compared to most of the posted videos, Missy isn't all that verbal and she avoids kissing.
    Kissing is a big part of our loving making. She doesn't want to share that.
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    July 2018

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