Sex with a single male from Craig's List.

All dressed up and waiting.

It wasn't easy to get Mimi into a swing date headspace. She said, "I'm a nervous person so it took a lot for me
to go on a date with you. Now you want me to have sex with a total stranger."

Several weeks went by. Often I would approach her with the same request, "you have had sex with
other guys in your previous relationships, I can't understand why not now."

Then one night after she returned from shopping, she shocked me. "OK. I am going to do it!
But first I want you to go shopping with me for a sexy outfit. It is going to cost you big time.
I got on the Graig's list personals. I found a guy who seemed to be OK.
He claimed it would be his first time as well.
On friday night, I went shopping with Mini. She bought everything she wanted as well as getting her hair done.
Saturday at 4:pm we checked into the motel room. 'Buddy-boy' said he be there at 5: sharp. We waited till almost 6.
then I realized he wasn't showing or even sending us a text.

Mini changes into her new outfit.
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I decided to have fun with her and deal with him on another day.
Mimi wasn't all that pleased. Being rejected and all.
Make the best of it.

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