Mignon's Eleven O'clock meeting.

I am half of a couple. My husband, Jared, and I enjoy hooking up with singles and couples.
In the beginning, about three months ago, we watched threesome porn videos together.
Mostly MFM. Then we found this website. Jared was drawn to the, 'shared wives' videos.
Watching them - better said, 'studying them.' I was put off by the husbands being there.
I can't see how a wife can get into the sex with the husband's mouth running all through it.
Most of the husbands wanted to comment, ask questions and even direct while the wife tried to enjoy the momoment.

Our style of hooking up is, we select and meet others separately.
When I have a date, Jared takes off and stays away till I phone or text him. I do the same for him.

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A week later it was Jared's turn to hook-up. I went and spent some time with my sister-inlaw.
She has no idea what we do in private. I just tell her Jared needs some alone time while he is writing
He is an author of short stories.
Jared and his female friend entertains.

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